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Cart expands only on some pages

Cart expands only on some pages



I have an issue with the cart popup/expansion on mousehover.


Ther cart in the top right corner, is supposed to expand on hover, and it does - but only on some pages.


It works correctly on the product list, homepage, etc. But on product pages it doesn't expand for some reason.


The webshop is


Anyone who can help? Smiley Happy


See this picture:


Thank you in advance.


Re: Cart expands only on some pages

Hi @aaimport


Please visit the browser console when you are viewing your site.

1) On Home  page

2) On product page

3) Customer login page

4) Checkout page


You will notice there is a java script error only on your product view page.

Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(...).superfish is not a function                 superfish.js:123 


I think this is causing the problem with your top mini cart.


If you go to your superfish.js file you will see in the last of your file as



Try to replace this with 


and see if it works for you.

NOTE :  Do this first on development server , not on production


Please refer following url it may be helpful


Problem Solved Click Accept as Solution!:Magento Community India Forum

Re: Cart expands only on some pages

Hi @muk_t


I have tried to change the line, but it didn't help. It still gives the same error in the console Smiley Sad