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Catalog Search Help

Catalog Search Help

Hi all,

i like to change the products search.


I have 3 products

Test 10, Test 20, Test 30

If I search for Test  i see all 3 products

If i search for 10 or 20 or 30 i see 1 product

But if i search Test 10 always see 3 products


I tried to change in configuration to Fulltext, to Like and to Combine  but anything change. ( is it a Bug?)

In the admin products if i filter in the name for test 10 i see 1 product... i like the same method in frontend ..

How i can solve? Thanks in advance


Re: Catalog Search Help

Fulltext should be what you are looking for, makesure 'test 10' is not literally in the other 2 products.

Re: Catalog Search Help

Is not literally Smiley Sad