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Catalog pricing rule

Catalog pricing rule

Hi, I have set up a pricing rule in my catalog for a specific category. The rule work correctly during a time, but each day I have apply rule manually.


I have set up a cron, this cron apply correctly price in the grid catalog, but when I go to the product page, the price is the original not the special.


How can I solved it?




Re: Catalog pricing rule

Maimus... has anyone given you an answer on this? I am running a Catalog Price Rule, 30% off 82 specific SKU's.... as you stated, it shows up on the thumbnail page, when you click thru to specific product to order, discount does not show. I had to spend entire holiday weekend checking my site to make sure it was still working. Had to "re-apply" Rule twice over the weekend and also when I came to work this morning.

Magento, please advise. Fix problem and send updates.



Re: Catalog pricing rule

You have to make sure that your cron is running frequently for this to take effect, otherwise pricing might revert back for PD and Category pages (might happen sooner or later depending on the price rule.)


If indexing has happened either manually or through the cron, make sure to clear the block cache.

Re: Catalog pricing rule

Thanks for the response... Sorry but I am not "up to speed" on the Magento software as yet. I just inhertied it from someone who has left our company and I am learning as I go.

It does seem that I am constantly having to refresh block cache as I get the message it seems every couple of hours to do so.


Can you clarify CRON for this novice please?


Thank you very much zenenjaimes.