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Catalogue pricing rule

Catalogue pricing rule


I have a problem with the catalogue price rules in Magento. For all my products, I fill in an original price and a special price. But the catalogue price rules aren't working at the special price. Can I change settings for this? 



Re: Catalogue pricing rule

Please specify your problem inmore detail than only some one will be able to help.


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Re: Catalogue pricing rule

My problem is the following: 

Customers are set in 4 differents groups (if they have an account and are logged in, these are more loyal customers) because every group has different discounts.

For new customers, who aren't logged in or don't want to make an account, we offer a product with a special price. The original price is the retail price of the manufacturer, so with the special price we want to offer a consument a better price. 

For the loyal customers we have catalogue (price)rules, these take care of the discounts for different products. But once they are logged in, the catalogue (price)rules aren't working, because Magento thinks the special price is more important. 

So my question now is, can I change the settings for the catalogue price rules so they calculate the discount on top of the special price. Is this even possible or can I do something in a other way? 



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Re: Catalogue pricing rule

Although I am not clear about what you are asking, Things to be taken care while adding special price are:-

1) Special price should be less that the normal price.

2) Options Special Price From Date & Special Price To Date in the product management area should be selected properly.

3) Reindexing and cache refresh should be done after adding special price.


In catalog pricing rule you can select discount for particular group and different conditions. If you want discount over discounted price you can keep option Stop Further Rules Processing to no.


Re: Catalogue pricing rule

Basically I'm asking how to set discount over discounted price.

In the settings for a product, I fill in a price and a special price. 

In the settings for catalogue price rules, I fill in a rule which says for example 10% discount on product X. But the 10% discount must be calculated over the special price and not the original price. 

Thank you for your answer anyway, but it isn't working when I change it to yes or no.


Re: Catalogue pricing rule

Wow, you got some incredibly unhelpful information. 


First, I can't get catalog price rules to work at all. HOWEVER, I do what you are trying to do by using tier pricing. Just go to pricing and click on add tier. You can select a customer group and you can put in a price. Additionally, you can add a tier pricing extension, which is what we have done, that will let you set tier pricing by customer group at a percentage (instead of a fixed price), and if you get the right extension, you can do it globally.