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Category Page Layout

Category Page Layout

I have main categories, with sub-categories, but would like to change the way the page is displayed.


At the moment my main category page displays it's subs with thumbnails at the top.

Next is the category image

Then category title

Then category text


I want to put the sub category loop at the bottom of the page, so it is ordered like so...

Category Title

Category Image

Category Text

Category Subs


I have edited the view.phtml file so that the ordering of Title, Image & Text is correct.

But I cannot figure out how to put the sub-categories below this content.


I understand this isn't do-able using view.phtml, so wondered if anyone could help on how to do this please?

This is my first voyage into Magento so my knowledge is very poor of the system.

Any 'Idiots Guide' would be very much appreciated Smiley Happy


Thanks in advance