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Category table view with sorting

Category table view with sorting



first of all I must say I'm a total novice regarding Magento, this is my first installation ever (was a virtuemart user) but I'm loving it so far.


I'm here to ask you if there's an extension to do the following - I searched in Magento Connect but couldn't find anything this specific


I basically need an alternative category view. I sell just one macro-product with a lot (100+) variations. Each variation has different properties (color, size, price)


What I want to do is to display them in a table, and decide which columns of the table could be sortable by the user (for example, they could sort them for width or color etc). They should also be able to insert the desired quantity and add to cart on the fly. And ya, I'm also using tiered prices Smiley Happy


Am I asking for something that already exists (don't mind paying for the feature, of course), or the only way would be to hire somebody to do the job?


I'm using Magento Community


Thank you in advance,





Re: Category table view with sorting

Hi Andrea


I would have created different attribute's for each variable, ie. green, yellow, blue etc.


Make a root category ie. "your product" and then load all the products under that category.


All the attributes will then show under the root category, and a client could choose say, " red, 50cm" and all the products that fall under those attributes will be listed.


One could also do it by redesigning the category page, and getting the output with a SQL search query that matches your desired design.


Some programming will be required to get the desired layout.


Don't know if this will help.

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