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Change sample text in sidebar image

Change sample text in sidebar image

I am an amature and running CE version, just upgraded to

I have sort of customized the default version to suit what I do, but cannot change the scroll over text for images on my site.

I have replaced the images by creating my own image and replacing the default .jpg with my own, but I cannot find out how to alter the text.

I would appreciate any help on this.




Re: Change sample text in sidebar image



You can turn on the debgguer tool from magento admin to check the location of the file.



Pulkit Seth

Re: Change sample text in sidebar image

Turned on debugger and nothing showed as unusual? Not sure if I am doing it right,

The problem is alternate text for col_left_callout.jpg and same for col_right_callout.jpg

I used the sample template for CE version and just changed images through /skin/frontend/default/default/images/media/col_left_callout.jpg but it still has default alt text that I cannot work out how to either remove or change?

Sorry if I sound stupid, but I am only learning.

Kev  - Thanks for your help