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Changing Admin E-mail

Changing Admin E-mail

Our web developer has left the company and I'm in the process of finding someone else to manage the technical stuff but in the meantime I would like to change the administrator e-mail (where all the website's queries etc. go) to my e-mail address so that I can respond straight away. I have access to the main admin account and have found where to do this but it won't let me because I am already set up as an admin. Is there a way to change this easily or maybe remove my admin account? Appreciate any help you guys can give.


Re: Changing Admin E-mail

Magento will not allow two accounts to have the same email address. The safest method at this moment is to find an alternate email address you control and change it to that. Can you create aliases on your current email account and have them forward?


I'm not giving you advice to do the following as I don't know that your account is properly set up, don't know your Magento expertise and you can potentially lock yourself out until you do a database edit.


If your account is assigned to the full administrative access role just like the administrator account, you can check disable on the administrator account. It's a good idea to not use it as it causes attackers to have one less piece of information to attempt doing brute force attacks trying to crack the administrator login.


Whatever you do, NEVER DELETE THE ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT OR CHANGE ITS ROLE TO HAVE ANYTHING BUT FULL ACCESS. It can be like deleting the root account on a *nix box, you may hate yourself to the end of time because of the pain it can create.

Re: Changing Admin E-mail

Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. I can change it to a different e-mail and simply forward that on to me, I did consider this but thought I'd see if there was a simple way to change it properly that I was missing. I think this is the best course of action until the new developer starts then they can handle that side of things. My "expertise" is non-existent, but I am learning.


Unfortunately, my account was not provided full access so I will need to use the administrator account for the time being. I will certainly not be deleting anything or attempting anything I'm unsure of.


Thanks again