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Chinese characters on site


Chinese characters on site



At some pc's there are chinese characters in stead of symbols. So is the left arrow and right arrow chinese characters. 

Also the 3 drawns before "eigen bezorg dienst" "speciale aanbieding" and "snelle support" are by some pc's chinese characters in stead of drawn of truck, Euro sign.

what can this be?

It's only on some pc's



Re: Chinese characters on site

Your website seem fine on my end. Do you know if those computers who see the problem have anything in common with each other? For example the same OS, the same web browser, etc. 


This may be an encoding with your files or databases if they are not using UTF 8. 

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Re: Chinese characters on site

I have seen this happen on some of my bootstrapped sites running glyphicons and it seems that there was an error loading the correct font file.


Can you check Google Chrome > (right-click) > Inspect Element when that happens to see if Google displays any errors?

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Re: Chinese characters on site

thanks, it had something to do with fonts, here is a solution if other people have the same problem 


In the .htaccess file only one new line is enough, see the reactions