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Configurable products: drop down not showing selection

Configurable products: drop down not showing selection


So I have a configurable product, with various options. When I select one in the drop down, it will not show the selection, and the text will still show "Choose option...". It does register the selection though, and updates the price accordingly.

Anybody an idea what I am missing?





Re: Configurable products: drop down not showing selection

Hi @d_brane 


Are you using some sort of special rendering for your dropdown's? Such renders tends to be triggerede by Javascript evnets that might not be triggeret by the standard Magento updating. 


You should possibly be looking at:




Around line 167 (the fillSelect method).


If you have a link to your site it might be easier to see exactly whats going wrong


Re: Configurable products: drop down not showing selection



Are you sure that your associated products are created and assigned correctly?


Make sure that:

  • main product and associated to it simple items bear the same attribute set
  • configurable attribute(s), used to create configurable item have scope - Global, Input-Type -Drop-Down and assigned to be used for simple and configurable products
  • each associated simple product should be the unique variation of attributes that cannot be the same for one configurable
  • product status. Magento configurable product as well as simple items it comprises should be enabled
  • both parent and child products should have availability set to “In Stock”
  • quantity of main and associated products should exceed minimum quantity for product status to be out of stock or more than 0
  • simple and configurable products should be assigned to the same website
  • flush cache and reindex data
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