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Corporate user account

Corporate user account

Hi all and i apologise if this subject has been discussed before, i have a magento community web site running an online lighting, sound and av company, the site allows both purchase and rentals/hire of equipment. I have been fortunate enough to be asked to supply a major electrical wholesale company as a preferred supplier from my site, what i am trying to achieve and spent many hours researching is .....


Is it possible within magento to add the wholesale company a (master) account which then allow then to assign individual access to each of their 4500 staff members as sub accounts which they then control rather than me having to register and set up each staff member individually? This would then also allow for one account to be charged for various sites orders, i.e. head office recieves invoices for all purchases but we recieve orders from each of the 400+ stores nationwide and the originator of the order can track and trace their orders by their unique log in.


for example, 'james in bridgwater orders a lamp to go direct to customer through his log in at the same time mark in bristol orders an outdoor speaker to go to his branch, both orders treated seperately but upon completion shirley in accounts at head office recieves both invoices'


I thank you in advance for your assistance