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Coupon code only few new customers

Coupon code only few new customers



I am really hoping some one can recommend a way of setting a coupon so it can only be used by new customers. This does not seem part of core Magento so far I have tried the following


1) Coupon set as not logged in (our site requires login to order so the coupon is switched off before cart) 

2) Looked for a rule option like customer registered after X date

3) Looked for a rule option like customers orders = less then 1

4) I am currently looking for an extension to do this but i cant seem to find any that add custom rules to coupons. 


Does anyone know how we can implement this? preferably through an extension but a code edit of required. 

Many thanks 


Re: Coupon code only few new customers

You can try this simple approach.


Create a coupon code as per your requirement. During coupon code generation
1)set "Customer Groups *" field to 'General' so it will be applicable to the registered customers only.
(To make the promotion available only to registered customers, do not select the "NOT LOGGED IN" option.)
2)Uses per Coupon : leave this filed blank if you want to provide coupon to every new customer.
3)Uses per Customer : set it to 1 , so that the customer can use it only once.
4)Set From Date and To Date , if you want this functionality for a specified time period only.


You may be knowing whenever a customer registers on the Magento site she/he gets an email.So you have to just modify the template and add the coupon code there.


By above mentioned approach your problem should be solved.

NOTE: If you are using this functionality for a date range do not forget to remove the coupon code from the template back.

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Re: Coupon code only few new customers

Hello muk_t,

Thanks for your quick reply, your solution is elegant but not quite what we are looking for. We would like this code to be promoted on websites other then our own so we need a way to prevent out current users from using it. 

Do you know any way we can restrict this to just new customers registered after X date or with less then 1 order? 


Thank you for your quick reply, 

Many thanks

Re: Coupon code only few new customers

I also require the creation of a coupon cord that can be utilized only by new customers.
However, the contributor's response was really helpful in managing some settings, but I'm wondering if there's any way we can limit this to only new customers registered after a certain date or with less than one order. After we discuss it here, new upgarddes will occasionally incorporate this feature.