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Create a new shop? ERROR in your face

Create a new shop? ERROR in your face



Today, I had to create a new shop on a magento


Everything was fine until I pressed the button "save the shop" (Actualy I have a French magento, i juste translated the sentence). An error message printer:


Error while saving. Check the logs.

So I looked at the logs, but system.log has not been modified since three months.

So I'm a bit sad, because that's urgent, and my little knowledges and internet research were not really satisfying.

I guess this should affect the database. I've found some tables, as core_store_group, etc. But I think these are not the only affected tables.

If someone have any idea, I'm open to every offer.

Thank you


Re: Create a new shop? ERROR in your face

Hi @aboisard,


Please enable your Magento logs.

You'll need to to: System -> Configuration and then, at the bottom:

Área de trabajo 1_001.pngDeveloper configuration




Now you can enable the Magento's logs:

Área de trabajo 1_002.pngEnabling Magento's logs




Also take a look at your webserver error logs. Sometimes you'll get some useful information there.

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