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Creating multiple / more stages for processing a sale?


Creating multiple / more stages for processing a sale?



We have a running store, and one of the complaints we consistently get from clients is that the status of a sale doesn't change from processing while going through the stages of a sale.


We own a brick and Mortar shop as well as do drop shipping, and one of the major problems is the single status of processing.


I know I can change this word via translation, but I need to actually add 2-3 more "stages" for a sale (that are all equivilant to processing).  This is really just to keep clients happy that arn't aware of website specifics (which is how we'd prefer to keep it).


So for example on a sale, the current stages are:


Sale is placed -> Status set to Pending

Order is confirmed payed for and Invoiced -> Processing


Here is the problem : If we need to wait for the item to come into stock before "shipping" it to a client, there is no way to change the status from Processing to something like "Awaiting shipment from Manufacturer" or something like that.


For people who are picking up locally, its not a big deal, but those who are expecting shipment, the problem is that we cannot generate a shipping label yet, because we are waiting for the item to appear in our stock/warehouse first (we dropship many items from our warehouse for example).


How can I add more email and process steps to an order if I require it?


Re: Creating multiple / more stages for processing a sale?

Ok, so for anybody else reading this, what your looking for is the Order Status vs Order State.


If you need more then one order STATUS, then its very simple :


This is the link explaining it, and how to add/change order statuses :


If you need more Order States, I have not found a plugin/document describing how to do this within Magento (Admitidly, I stopped searching when I found the above solution, which resolved my problem).