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CreditMemo "extension attributes" type

CreditMemo "extension attributes" type

It seems like the "extension attributes" field for the GET /rest/V1/creditmemos/ endpoint is supposed to be a dictionary type of "{}", are we to assume that? Asking because I've gotten a list type of "[]" in some instances of making that API call (it happens to be an empty list). Wondering if this is a bug or something to be expected.


[Sorry didn't realize this board was for Magento1, please move to the corresponding board for Magento2]


Re: CreditMemo "extension attributes" type

If you want to add any extension_attributes in your api call you can pass value using extension_attributes,

if you have to pass value using extension_attributes like below,

extension_attributes: {

otherwise you need to use as empty

extension_attributes: {}
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