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Cron.php not schedule anything

Cron.php not schedule anything

Hi there, i have a cron_schedule issue,

My magento is installed since 2 years. No probleme until today. is called from crontab each 5 mins. I can see the call of in my cron.log.

Since yesterday, do not schedule anything. Its only work when i call cron.php in web browser. 
With some debug, i can see  in app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Config.php that the function loadEventObservers isnt called when the config cache activated when i run or cron.php from shell command line.
But Strangely, if i disable config cache, work ... 
Do you have an idea ?



Re: Cron.php not schedule anything

I'm going through the same issue.  I have looked over so many posts on various sites and my new install of won't process any cronjobs, unless I disable my htaccess in the main directory and then manually start cron.php through the browser.


Here is my post:


Let me know if you find the solution, I'll do the same.  Thanks