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Custom Module built and encrypted so I am stuck

Custom Module built and encrypted so I am stuck

I am working with a client who got stuck by a hosting company who took money to transition an unsecure php website to Magento. The problem is the developer has server side encryption turned on so the custom menu option my client needs to go live can't be fixed. They have been trying to get this working for 9 months. The developer built their own module for the Build Your Own menu and it has never worked.


Their development site is (a college care package web service). The custom build your own package option appears to get stuck with a session id, instead of the package id when trying to add a custom order to the cart. It throws a 404 error.


To replicate, just go to

select a build your own product category (like beverages and drink mix) and try to add 10 items to an order. When you click add to cart, it throws a 404 error.


If anyone has any ideas or know a trustworthy developer who could take a look and offer some suggestions. At this point, I think a new module would need to be developed so customers could customize their own orders but limit the drinks and other items. At this point, I just need it working or the business may be forced to shutdown.


The developer happens to be the hosting company too. 


Any legitimate help would be appreciated.


Thank you.


Kent Hummel


Re: Custom Module built and encrypted so I am stuck

A encrypted broken module? oh thats bad. Just go ahead find another developer and recreate this module, a lot of people don't encrypt their modules.