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Custom Size at Product View

Custom Size at Product View

I have an online store in magento 1.9 and using SM Love Fashion theme with Auto Swatch extension. I have Color and Size as attributes at my product view page, customer have to choose Color and Size in given SelectBoxes before Add to Cart that product.


I have a size chart also displaying in POP UP on same page which describe the dimension of size, my question is if a pre-define size doesn't suit to a customer he can insert his/her choice of DIMENSIONS like Chest, Arms, Length etc. before placing the order.


Please help in doing this.


Re: Custom Size at Product View

maybe use a dependent custom option plugin like this

create a 'customized' option value in size option, then create input type size for chest arm etc all depends on this 'customized' option value

Re: Custom Size at Product View

Hi @sumitt_2006,


For that you need to develope the functionality of personalized product, which will provide the customer to customize product according to there requirement and can checkout for the personalized product.
Here are few links which can help:

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