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Custom shipping module not showing up

Custom shipping module not showing up

I'm reading Magento 1.3: PHP Developer's Guide by Jamie Huskisson and there is a guide on how to do a custom shipping module. I get no visible errors when the module is enabled but I can't see it showing up Configuration -> Shipping Methods.


Here is an image of how it looks for me:

It should list a carrier named "Bare Bones Shipping inc.", as displayed in the book. I have reviewed my code but I can't find anything wrong.


I have:





Could it be because I'm using a later version of Magento ( instead of 1.3? If so, what should I do different?


Just ask me and I will provide the code as it would take up too much space if I included it here.

Many thanks.


Re: Custom shipping module not showing up

Hi @oscarbjure,


I don't remember that example but maybe you could check one of these:


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