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Custom web services

Custom web services

I'm dealing with some weird requirement of a cliente, basically I need to create some custom REST web services to allow the store manager to do basic actions that actually magento does but I need to have them available through web service, for example create a product or update a product inventory.


I need to publish some web services to allow the users to:

-Create products

-Get products created

-Update products inventory

-Get shipping calculation (I'm the consumer of this web service, the client publish me an URL to do this calculation)


I think I need to create a custom plugin to deal with this but I'm not sure how can I make this without molesting magento


Can somebody give me  a hand?


Re: Custom web services



You ened to look at the Magento API Documentations there are should be methods for Create products, Update Inventory.


For shipping calculation you will probable need to make your own API method.


The API Documentation is here.



Re: Custom web services

the Magent REST API doc is not clear at all, and seems more complicated than enough. When I run this sample code to list the products, it redirects to the user login page and ask for username and password, how do we avoid interacting with the web page but rather just pass in the username, password, consumer key and secret, then return the access token for further request?


Re: Custom web services


based on this doc, on the User Authorization step, it's required to redirect to the magento site to let user enter the username/password, this seems really silly way.. isn't Magento offering a way to accept the user/pass in the authorization call at all?


Someone did C# library with ability to wrap the Magento REST API call, it also parse the login web page to get authorization(loook at the Login method):

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Re: Custom web services

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