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Customer Registration form

Customer Registration form


I want to create customer registration form same as screen shots



customer submit form after create customer as a normal customer create and all details add in customer information. If customer already login all filed automatically fill-up. Please suggest this possible to any  free and paid extension.

Query solved? Accept as Solution.Thanks
Eric Baily

Re: Customer Registration form

Where are the screenshots?


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Re: Customer Registration form



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Query solved? Accept as Solution.Thanks
Eric Baily

Re: Customer Registration form

Re: Customer Registration form

You can create a similar registration form by using Magento Customer Attributes extension that allows you to add multiple typles of fields in your existing registration form. This fields are store in the database and you can choose to show/hide these fields in customer account.  You can add 8 different types of fields which includes:


  • File Upload
  • Image Upload
  • Text Field
  • Date
  • Message Only
  • Text Area
  • Drop Down
  • Multiple Select
  • Radio button and check box fields
  • Yes/No


Re: Customer Registration form



If you need to create a customer registration form you can try this Registration Fields Manager extension for Magento. With the module you can collect additional information about your customers during the registration.


  • Standard account fields can be pulled to registration form
  • Ability for customers to select a customer group
  • Create different forms for different store views
  • Unlimited number of custom registration fields
  • Less spam - add CAPTCHA
  • Available elements: Input Box, Password Box, Checkbox(es), Radio(s), Select Box, List Box, Multi-select List Box, Textarea, File upload, Static Text, CAPTCHA

Regards, Alex