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Customer not getting email

Customer not getting email

I am using Magento When a customer places order then confirmation mail is not sending, but store owner getting email. I am using AOE Scheduler extension.

Could anyone help me in this regard??


Re: Customer not getting email



same issue here.  emails are only sent to bcc address not to the to address. 

Anyone has any insights. 

cron is setup perfectly otherswise emails wouldnt arrive at store owners

Re: Customer not getting email

Check if other email get sent? If not, create a small script that uses php mail command to send e-mail. Check this page for more information:


If this doesn't work either your sendmail (or whatever equivalent your server uses is b0rked). Another reason being that your server is blacklisted as a spammer:


If it's indeed the case, you need to get it off the list. Or you need to fix your sendmail if the problem lies there.


There's also possibility that you mail is labeled as spam by receiver. Try to make your e-mail templates more relevant looking and unique. Also some mail system tend to spam label mails that come from servers that fail reverse dns check. Reasons doesn't end there though.

Quickest workaround (until you fix real problems) is to use SMTP Pro extension to use another server for e-mail sending:

Tanel Raja