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Debugging solutions

Debugging solutions



Looking for secure debugging methods, solutions or just suggestions (it doesn't necessary have to be a plugin)


Little background/history:

So i  just tried this debug-toolbar plugin:


Unfortunately it was a huge security risk.. today we noticed that our development site was completely broken.

In the log files several request come from a web-search-engine robot that disabled all modules (including core modules) via the debugging-toolbar links.


Its happened in through development server, so its not a big deal, however we would like to avoid these incidents in the future.

By the way, noindex was set 12hours before the incident.

Robots.txt is now properly set. So basically robots should not be able to hack our webshop.


Looking for any suggestion, ideas how to debug magento without security risks or just keep it as low as possible.

As we are still new in the Magento Community, I would welcome any suggestions, tips.


Thank you!


Re: Debugging solutions

1, do not use production server as debugging server

2, do not install plugins you don't trust

3, to me, magento log and var_dump are sufficient

Re: Debugging solutions

Thank you very much !