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Dimensional Weight and Combined Shipping - HELP!!!

Dimensional Weight and Combined Shipping - HELP!!!

Hi guys,

I'm creating an e-commerce to ship inox furniture for restaurant, like tables. And I've packages from 800mm to 3200mm lenght. The weight of my furniture is superior of the weight obtained from the carriers formulas of volume x weight coefficent and moreover I've more economic shipping for one carrier until 1400 mm lenght. Over 1400 I need to change the carrier. I've configurables products in my magento and only few simple products. So my needs are:

- choose the carrier according to the package lenght

- calculate, after selecting the carrier according to lenght, the price according to the package weight. 

- combine, if I have more products in the cart, the shipping according to the max lenght of products in the cart. So if I have one product 1000 lenght and one 1800, I need to select the carrier that allow me to deliver 1800 lenght package.

- calculate the shipping price for the combined product according to the total weight of product in the cart.

How can I achieve all this? Do you have any idea? 

Thank you! Bye 


Re: Dimensional Weight and Combined Shipping - HELP!!!

Hi @inoxcommerce,


For your requirements, you need to do something like this:

  1. Create a custom shipping method
  2. Set default price of this
  3. Use Magento event after adding product to cart
  4. Change the price of shipping (set in step-2) with new price.
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