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Disable checkbox column editing

Disable checkbox column editing


I'm making custom admin extension, where I have the grid, where one column is checkbox column.


$this->addColumn('is_holiday', array(
      		'header'    => Mage::helper('plan')->__('Holiday'),
      		'align'     =>'center',
      		'width'     => '120px',
      		'index'     => 'is_holiday',
      		'type'      => 'checkbox',
      		'values'      => array(1),
      		'disabled' => true,
      		'readonly' => true,

 It is rendered ok, but it is editable - user can change the value. I'd like to disable this functionality.

How can I do that?

Best regards,



Re: Disable checkbox column editing

Hi @bkraut,

Have you seen any checkbox in the admin panel with a un-editable checkbox?
That will be the first point as reference.

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