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Disable entire customer account dashboard

Disable entire customer account dashboard

Is there an extension that does that?


Basically I am looking to disable the entire customer dashboard and the My Account links. The customer should still be able to log in though.


I searched high and low on google, but all i found is extensions to disable links within the Dashboard, not to disable the Dashboard completely. How would I go about that?


Re: Disable entire customer account dashboard

Can you explain why? If customers are able to login and checkout they'll be able to save addresses in the address book. If you do this, you won't be able to delete those addresses.


With that being said, you can remove the links as the first step. The second step would be making a module that extends the Mage_Customer controller for the dashboard and override the actions on the controller and send them to the action noroute. This will effectively disable all pieces of the dashboard (minus the login action, logout and any other that you want to keep).

Re: Disable entire customer account dashboard

Thanks, sorry, I did not get a notification of a reply... Yes, because this is for a private site where i sign up clients who will submit offers for virtual products. I set up their account and they are not to change anything on their account...


Right, I will see if I can just remove the links via css or so, thanks for the idea!


Another question related to this would be: because the clients just submit offers, i would like them to skip the billing and payment checkout steps when they check out. Instead, they should go straight to the review step, and there also be able to specify their offer details in a form before they submit. Any ideas how i can do this in a simple way?

Re: Disable entire customer account dashboard

remove the first <default> node which adds My account link in your local theme customer.xml layout to remove the link.


Adds an observer lisntens to controller_action_predispatch_customer_account_index, controller_action_predispatch_customer_account_edit and controller_action_predispatch_customer_account_editpost to redirect requests to homepage.

if you don't know how to redirect the controller, you can simply rewrite account edit and editpost url with web server url rewrite(.htaccess e.g), so no one can backdoor the dashbord.


about the offer submit, you are probably looking for a RFQ module?

Re: Disable entire customer account dashboard

Thanks Kuafusoft.


Removing the <default> node in customer.xml worked, thanks!


Sorry, I am not familiar with the controller and url rewrite... how would i do this in the simplest way (url rewrite?).


About the offer submit - good idea about an RFQ module! It would be kind of like that, with the option of the client providing their own offer first. I would then accept, propose a (counter) offer or decline the offer - but this part does not necessarily have to happen through Magento,  althoughif it can, it would be great!


So far i just thought i could do this in a basic/crude way with the regular Magento checkout, removing billing and payment steps (the only steps I need to remove since the products are virtual), and maybe adding an offer form to the order review page. Then when they place the "order", it would effectively be them submitting their offer, and i would then get in touch with them separately to work out a deal...


P.S. I was just able to remove the payment step from checkout using this free extension: Now I just need to remove the billing information step, and add a form (attribute options?) to the order review page.

Re: Disable entire customer account dashboard

Actually it turns out that removing the <default> node also removes the login page, so clients can't log in... do you have any other ideas?


About the other questions, i think i will start new threads to keep them separate.