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Display State Abbreviations


Display State Abbreviations

I am new to Magento and have a couple of sites that are nearing completion.   Currently I have a site that is using the rwd template (heavily modified) and it works great.   The one question I cannot seem to find an answer to is how to display the state abbreviation in the dropdown list of pages like 


I have changed code based on what I could find on the web, but none of the patches/overrides or code changes seem to work. I have changed shipping.phtml in the /app/design/frontend/rwd/default/template/checkout/cart/ directory and can see that's where it starts the <select> stub, but cannot figure out  how the rest of the list is populated.  


Ideally, if it's easier to just change all state/province dropdowns to display the code instead of the name in a core magento fie, that would be perfect.






Re: Display State Abbreviations



Take a look on this extension and see if it do what you need Region & City Manager

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Re: Display State Abbreviations

This isn't really what I was looking for: the code to be able to change what is sent rather than modifying the database directly, but it did work as advertised, and I am happy with the results.