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Edit data.php but no changes on frontend

Edit data.php but no changes on frontend

I have installed this theme on my client host-
Now he wants better page loading speed and for this i want to use lazy load script (blazy.js) for images-
So i need to update image tag code on homepage where owl carousel working-
in this 1st screenshot you can see there 


templateso in this template i found a function which showing product images-

drawProductPreview() function called from helper

check 2nd screenshot-
codeSo for edit this function i opened 

and there i edit this function and add attributes on image tag for b-lazy loading
tagand save everything and flush all type of cache like- magento cache and storage cache 
more images i added these image attributes-

Frontend source code screenshot-
source code

but on frontend nothing change...i dont know what i do?
please help me Smiley Happy