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Email Verification Extension

Email Verification Extension

Hi i am hoping to develop a Magento extension which can check the top level domain (, .gov, .mil) and also verify the email address is valid by sending the user an email with a link or code.


Any advice or a point in the right direction is much appreciated!


Re: Email Verification Extension

Check below may be help you & email verification with link is default magento functionality


– Go to System -> Configuration -> CUSTOMERS -> Customer Configuration
– Click Create New Account Options
– Set Require Emails Confirmation = Yes
– Save Config

Domain validation code:-

$email = '';
$domain = substr(strrchr($email, "@"), 1);
$domain_list = array("(", "gov", "","mil");
if (in_array($domain, $domain_list)) {
echo "This is correct domain";

Re: Email Verification Extension

Just to follow Magikvishal's advice - I'd look at using PHP's filter_var() function for this:


if (!filter_var($email, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL) === false) {
    echo ("$email is a valid email address");
} else {
    echo("$email is not a valid email address");

Re: Email Verification Extension

Thank you for that i have tried the following:


$domain = substr(strrchr($_POST['email'], "@"), 1);
$domain_list = array("", "");

if (in_array($domain, $domain_list) === false) {
            echo "This email address does not qualify";

If i enter it works but i need to be able to enter

Re: Email Verification Extension

@Magikvishal is right so please follow the #Magikvishal's method
and thank you

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Re: Email Verification Extension

Hi there,


There are two extensions available for email verification - OTP based and instant email checker.


1. OTP (One Time Password) for Magento 2 - With this, customers need to do verification during the registration and checkout. One-time-passcode is sent to the customer's email address to prevent fake customer signup and orders. Further, you can also implement mobile SMS based OTP verification.


2. Security Extension Suite for Magento 2 - This is a complete security solution offering various features for both customers and store owners. While signup, real-time email address verification is done via Mailboxlayer API.


Do share your thoughts.





Re: Email Verification Extension

what can i do if i want OTP in email instead of Verification link in magento 2 ?

Re: Email Verification Extension

Hello @dharmeshvga6c2 

Please check out Magento OTP Verification over SMS and Email extension from miniOrange. This extension verifies users' Email Addresses/Mobile Numbers by sending a verification code (OTP) during registration.

Features provided in the extension:-

One Time Passwords (OTP) from miniOrange Gateway or your Custom SMS/SMTP Gateway
Custom SMS & Email Messages
Custom OTP Length
Custom OTP Validity Time
And much more!


Please check out this link to learn more about the Magento OTP Verification extension by miniOrange


We at miniOrange provide state-of-the-art plugins for Magento with custom modifications to cater to your every need. Please contact us at to discuss your requirement in detail and then provide you with this solution accordingly.