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Empty Cart upon Logout

Empty Cart upon Logout

I would like to empty the cart upon the customer logout.

How should I do that? I am totally new with the magento programming.

Appreciate if someone would reply.  


Re: Empty Cart upon Logout

You do know by default, when customer logout, the cart will be empty right? the cart items will be back only when customer re-login. I assume you just want to save an empty cart to the account when logout.


3 things you need to know before doing this task

1, module, model and object

you will use 2 module for this task: customer and checkout, in app/code/core/Mage, inside these 2 modules, there are customer model and cart model will help you

2, event and observer

there are all kinds of events in magento. when customer logout, magento will fire 'customer_logout' event, and you can register an observer to this event and clear cart

3, how to create your own module


alright, now in your custom module, register your observer, and that observer method should be

function clearCartBeforeLogout($observer)





be noted that if customer didn't click logout link, the cart won't be cleared.

Re: Empty Cart upon Logout

Yes I know that when the customer logout the cart reset to empty. I was referring to the customer that is already login.

Thanks for the link. I will wok on that. Man Happy