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Exporting Custom Product Attributes empty - please help

Exporting Custom Product Attributes empty - please help



I am new to Magento.

We have products where we have added several extra custom attributes - like box_length, box_width, box_weight,  etc.

If I export all products from the standard export - all columns show with all the attributes and their values.

If I try to create a dataflow profile choosing just some of the fields like

sku, name, bax_length, box_width 

The sku and name show up well.

I get many rows of the same sku (probably because I may have the product in many categories, or because I have many images for the product)

The box_length and box_width show up as column headers, but no data on the individual lines.


So my questions

a) What I am doing wrong in the dataflow profile?

b) is it something to do with visibility (I tried all permutations I think)

c) How can I stop the muliple rows showing?

d) How can I have a filter that allows me to choose the category that I want the export from?


Thanks very much in advance. If you think that it is better for me to just buy some module, please let me know.

Also I cannot see any of these attributes when I edit a product - what do I need to do to have them show up in the admin product page?