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Extra add to cart button on product page


Extra add to cart button on product page

Hi there, 

I'm trying to add a new extra "add to cart" called (Send as a gift)  button in product view. The functionality of this button has to be a little different than the original button. When i press this second button , it has to redirect directly to checkout . I mention that the original button is not redirect. So , in conclusion , first button does not need to redirect you to checkout, but the second it is necessary. 

Can anyone can give me some ideas , how to do this?  I am using magento 1.9

Thanks in advance!


Re: Extra add to cart button on product page

Hi @oprispaula,


There's a solution here Bypass-Cart-And-Go-To-Checkout ,which can bypass shopping cart successfully in case of second button.The author also explains how to have one button for default “Add To Cart” and second button for “Direct Checkout” in your case it would be "Send as a gift" in his comments. 


-- Ravindra