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Hi everyone, I have a problem regarding the Facebook_Ads_Extension plugin that I cannot understand. On Magento 1.9 I created the facebook_visibility property which can take the values ​​'hidden' or 'published', by default it is 'hidden', so I modified the plugin so that the visibility field of faceboook takes the value of the facebook_visibility field of magento, and so far so good. Now I go into the detail of a Magento product, I change the field from hidden to published and when the data synchronize I find the product published in the facebook shop. The problem is that everything works only if I am logged in magento as master, with all privileges. I need the customer to make the changes and decide the published products or not, but the customer enters magento admin with lesser privileges, has all the permissions for the catalog and obviously those for the facebook plugin, however also giving all the permissions fails to change the visibility of the product, it seems to me that the problem is that if logged in with fewer permissions the plugin is unable to regenerate the tsv file with the changes made. Has anyone run into the same problem? Thank you


Re: Facebook_Ads_Extension

Maybe you added a new attribute and forgot to verify, or you added a support feature earlier and it's time to pay, try to check them all from the sections about complaints or flag reports.


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