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Fighting Spam Bots Registration

Fighting Spam Bots Registration



My website has a lot of spam bots registering through customer registration form. There were few types of bots. Some been entering big message in First Name field. Others just entering email part before@ in the first name and some string, looking like password or referral number in the last name field (usually capital and lower case letters and numbers). 


I been able to get rid of bots with long messages by using Google reCaptcha; however it doesn't catch other bots.

I tried to install HoneySpam for Magento based on some recommendations at forum - no result.

Created pattern for name and last name field, so digits can't be submitted - I can't submit form with digits, bots somehow can.

Tried to create hidden field (display: none) and enter check. If something entered to the field - to not submit a form. No result.

Tried to compare user name and email before submission and not allowing registration if First name and part before is the same... also tested, I can't register like that, but bots can...

I don't know how they are completing registration, I can't replicate what they do and out of options to troubleshoot that. Any idea what else can be done? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


P.S. I asked hosting provider to scan server for the viruses too - this one is in progress at the moment. 


P.P.S. I was trying to enable built in captcha but for some reason it doesn't work. We have custom theme though. With enabled built in captcha - it's not displayed in the form, but when you try to submit form, it says that captcha value is incorrect and not submitting. 

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Re: Fighting Spam Bots Registration

Hi @Ranmalit


Well i understand your concern - but as you have mention that you have tried all the possible options - including Honey Spam - which is really helpful and stops bots - still you have same issue then only options is to block the IP address !


Meaning from your hosting/server side you need to identify from which IP address this bots are mainly come and create account on your website ! then by blocking that ip address you can reduce this bots registration ratio !


Also i am sharing one link related to this which helps you for the same -


Hope it helps !

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