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File Upload Attribute in Admin Form

File Upload Attribute in Admin Form

I have a module that adds a custom attribute to the admin form for customers:

$installer->addAttribute("customer", "fcvalid_proof_of_age",  array(
    "type"                 => "varchar"
    ,"backend"          => ""
    ,"label"            => "Proof of Age"
    ,"input"            => "file"
    ,"visible"          => true
    ,"required"         => false
    ,"default"             => 0
    ,"frontend"         => ""
    ,"unique"            => false
    ,"source"              => ""
    ,'visible_on_front' => 1
    ,'is_user_defined'  => 1
    ,'used_in_forms' => array(


    ->getAttribute('customer', 'fcvalid_proof_of_age')
    ->setData('used_in_forms', array('adminhtml_customer'))

And it works fine, the upload field shows and lets you upload a file and saves it but then what? When you reload the customer form there's no indication that a file has been uploaded or not for that customer, no way to see it or delete it. What am I missing? These are basic features I'd expect a file upload feature to have. Also, any way to restrict the file types that can be uploaded? They really only want images or PDF