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Filter by attribute

Filter by attribute

My client runs a online bookstore and wants books from a certain publisher to be displayed on their frontpage.


I have written a small piece of code that should filter products from a any publisher and it works for almost all publishers expect the one my client wants and a few others.


It is especially the line "->addAttributeToFilter('publisher', array('like' => 'Alfa'))" the troubles me. The code will return books published by Alfa and it works smoothly. I can change Alfa to almost all of the publishers in the bookstore and it will return books from the selected publisher expect a few where it doesn't return anything. 




I hope someone will be kind enough to give me some guidance on how to solve this mystery.



Re: Filter by attribute

hi alekri7,

For the like you can use  %. either use in `Alfa%`  for getting the result that containing match words Alfa and anything after that words.

For example if you use `Alfa%` the it will bring result `Alfaaa``Alfabb` any occurrence.

so i can suggest you should use `%Alfa%` i will bring any result that contain `**Alfa**` . so the Filter will be

->addAttributeToFilter('publisher', array('like' => '%Alfa%'))" 
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Qaisar Satti

Re: Filter by attribute

Hi Alekri,


$collection->addAttributeToFilter('publisher', array(
    array('like' => '% '.$needle.' %'), //spaces on each side
    array('like' => '% '.$needle), //space before and ends with $needle
    array('like' => $needle.' %') // starts with needle and space after

Passing the second parameter as an array of arrays will concatenate the conditions using OR

With custom / non-eav models addAttributeToFilter should be replace with addFieldToFilter.