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Full editor????

Full editor????

Hello there,


I'm a total newb at Magento, but am fairly experienced in WordPress. 

I'm looking for the "Editor." In WordPress (Full edition) there is an editor option for the admin, which a person can take a look at all of the files and widgets used to develop the page. 


Does Magento have that anywhere? 

I have looked in System, CMS, and all of their offshoots from the droplist to my knowledge and still am not finding the code editor.

The video tutorials I see online all assume you are just playing around with it on your computer, so you can just open the file and edit the code from there. That's fine and dandy if it's not a real store, but if I'm using a hosted server, chances are good I won't be able to just go find that folder and add something in there. It is a rather lengthy process that way... 

Is there an editor? And if there is, could someone please show me how on earth to get there plz? Thanks!