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GetPrice API is not updating

GetPrice API is not updating

Hello everyone, i'm new to Magento and i work on a 1.9.3 website, the previous developer used an API to update the prices, The API suddenly stopped and i don't know what to do, Can you please help me, Thanks.


Re: GetPrice API is not updating

Sure, here are the steps to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Check the API documentation to ensure it is still active and functioning properly.
  2. Verify that the API endpoint URL is correct and reachable.
  3. Check the API request and response data to ensure it matches the expected format.
  4. Check the API credentials such as API key, authentication token, etc., to make sure they are correct and still valid.
  5. Ensure that the API integration code is functioning properly in Magento, i.e. no syntax errors or deprecated functions.
  6. Test the API integration with a test environment or sandbox to see if it's an issue with the production environment or the API itself.

If the issue persists after following these steps, it may be necessary to reach out to the API provider for further assistance. It may also be necessary to consider using a different API or finding a new solution to update product prices in Magento.