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Google Merchant Feed?

Google Merchant Feed?


I have a good friend that has set up a Google Merchant Center account. I do seo/Google and Bing campaign management and he asked me to help him. He set up a Merchant Center account. I need to find where this feed originates in Magento. He is the only person I know using Magento so I have little knowledge about where to look for things like setting up a Merchant acciunt feed. He set up a Shopping  campaign in his adwords, and got his wrist slapped. All his adwords campaigns are on Paused because things are not being in the right category. If anyone can send me some info I would be most grateful.

Thanks in advance and have a great day!


Re: Google Merchant Feed?

Sorry for the late reply


Google has it's own category list that all products must be mapped into for a google merchant feed the list can be downloaded from the link below


You will need to somehow map Googles taxonomy against your friends products or even categories, in order to correctly map products into the Google Merchant center


There is an example of a PHP script which does all of this here, also deals with things like configurable products etc


Google Merchant Feeds from Magento


Hope this helps

Re: Google Merchant Feed?

Our Product Feeds Extension has a feature called "Dynamic attributes" that you can use to map categories to other categories for feed consumers like google shopping.

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