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Google Page Speed Optimizer Extension


Google Page Speed Optimizer Extension



Has anyone used the Google Page Speed Optimizer extension offered by Amasty? I am considering implementing this extension into my website, but just want to here some feedback on it.


Every single one of my pages on my site has over 50 render-blocking JavaScript and CSS file in the above-the-fold content and it is dramatically slowing my site down. I don't necessarily know how to do it manually, thus why I am considering this extension. It also has other benefits as well like minification and image optimization.


If you have solutions on how to fix the render-blocking files, I am all ears as well.



Re: Google Page Speed Optimizer Extension

Hi @AP_broman,


If you have over 50 JS & CSS render-blocking files you should start working there, trying to simplify that.

Maybe you can use some merge (Magento out-of-the-box) & minify (3rd-party module) option.

Also, maybe you would like to explore this module to try to move your JS files to the footer.



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Re: Google Page Speed Optimizer Extension



I have tried this Amasty extension. It works OK, it moves JS to the page bottom, optimizes images (which I didn't try) and minifies CSS/JS/HTML.


What is your website URL.

Try http/2.

Re: Google Page Speed Optimizer Extension


Sorry for the delayed response...

Re: Google Page Speed Optimizer Extension

Here is what I would suggest:


1. Move JS to the bottom. 

2. Review above-the-fold (AF) content. Do you see any parts that are rendered by javascript? Get that javascript placed in head section so that your AF is not distorted initially.

3. Identify critical CSS - ie. CSS that is needed to render AF content.

4. Place critical CSS in head section.

5. Place all the other CSS at bottom of a page.