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Group dropdown in Admin Create New Order - missing?

Group dropdown in Admin Create New Order - missing?

Hi there


I have inherited a site (ver 1.9) - didn't develop it from scratch so am not sure if this was ever there, but it's not there now... In Admin when I go to Create a New Order, after I choose a customer, under Account Information, there is a box with email in it. In other Magento sites (1,8) we have created there is also a dropdown to select a customer group but not in this site. 


I have disabled all extensions and have also tried disabling the shop specific versions of the templates to have it revert to base code, and it hasn't reappeared. Also tried disabling local versions of Mage and still no joy.


Is this a feature that has been disabled in Magento ver. does  anyone know? Or any other ideas to get it working again?


I have been working on the following file:



I can show what Group someone is in by the following code, but not sure how to go about making this a dropdown and then being able to save it.


public function getFormValues()
$data = $this->getCustomer()->getData();
foreach ($this->getQuote()->getData() as $key => $value) {
if (strpos($key, 'customer_') === 0) {
$data[substr($key, 9)] = $value;
$data['group_id'] = $this->getCreateOrderModel()->getCustomerGroupId();
echo "Group: " . $data['group_id'];
if ($this->getQuote()->getCustomerEmail()) {
$data['email'] = $this->getQuote()->getCustomerEmail();

return $data;


Any pointers would be greatly appreciated, thanks.



Re: Group dropdown in Admin Create New Order - missing?



In Magento 1.9, the Group dropdown is already available.

If you have default Magento then see that option.

I think you have overwrited the code or have issue, that's why it's not displaying. To check, please remove the code which is overwriting the code and then check again.

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Re: Group dropdown in Admin Create New Order - missing?

That's good to know that it should be there already - thank you.


Unfortunately I have tried a lot of things to get it to appear. I have disabled all the non Mage- modules. I have also disabled app/code/local/Mage and same with the display templates and layout as far as I can see. 


What other things can I try? Where would I find what fields are being called in that form, so that I can make sure my predecessor didn't disable the Group dropdown deliberately?