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HELP: where is that block???


HELP: where is that block???

I really need to change something in a static block:

<?php echo $this->getLayout()->createBlock('cms/block')->setBlockId('follow_us_top')->toHtml(); ?>

it is located and calle din the header.phtml. It seems it is statick, but it does not appear in the satic block in the admin.

I am new to this and my old developer is gone... maybe this block was hard coded or something, but I can'T find it anywhere...

ANY help is HIGHLY appreciated!!! Thank you! Heart

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Re: HELP: where is that block???

Hi @hujan


A block can be present in the template that haven't been created yet in the admin. Otherwise you will find its content under: Cms > Blocks, unless your admin accounts privelegde doesn't allow you to see these.

Re: HELP: where is that block???

Hi there,

thanks for the fast reply Smiley Wink

in the admin I can see and acces admin=>cms/block, but that one is not there...I am the only admin, so the privelages should be fine ....

I thought I might be able to find it via magento-paths, but this block does not appear, so it seems not to be part of the template.

Can it be somewhere in the core files?I do know that that block was not supposed to be in the header by the tempalte used. Unfortunately I can not ask the person who inserted the block anymore. Is there maybe a search tool or something, where one can search for the ID? Smiley Tongue  ANY ideas, please??


Re: HELP: where is that block???

does it actually reader anything? if not its very likely been deleted or does not exist. You can recreate a static cms block with the same ID

Re: HELP: where is that block???

Thank you for the input! ;O) Yes it does, and you can click on it, too, but the lin is wrong, this is what I want to change... I can see it in Firebug,too...

Re: HELP: where is that block???

then try search from cms_block table in DB

Re: HELP: where is that block???

KuaFuSoft, THANK YOU !!Was able to find it and edit it there, all is good!!!Have a great weekend Smiley LOL