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Highly customisable products

Highly customisable products

We are currently in the process of migrating our e-commerce website and ERP back-end to a Magento-based solution using the EmbeddedERP module, and have encountered an issue with the handling of configurable products that have a large number of option value combinations.  Some of our products are made-to-measure garments which can have as many as eight different options, each of which can have dozens of possible values.  As such, using Magento's configurable product type to represent them would involve creating and managing potentially millions of associated products for each configurable product, which is unfeasible to say the least.


We do have a strategy for dealing with the issue, but before we go ahead and develop an extension in-house, I was wondering if anyone else here had encounterd a similar issue and knew of an existing solution.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Highly customisable products



We have actually done a very similar thing for our client so I guess we can help. Please contact us by email, will discuss it in more details