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How can I edit the order form in backend admin in CE


How can I edit the order form in backend admin in CE

Hi all and how are you.


my question is, is there a way to take or remove or disable fields from the create new order form and is there a way to make certain fields not required for example the telephone field has a astrix and is required how could I make fields like that not required? Which files would I need to edit from the core folder?


Image in the link:

Click here to see the image of the create new order backend 


Thanks in advance for any help


Kind Regards





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Re: How can I edit the order form in backend admin in CE

Hi @bow103 


There is no "easy" way of doing this, since this is a place where you need to configure multiple edits to achive the desired result.


The fields you want to remove is very likely part of the Basic field check in Magento which includes:


  • firstname
  • lastname
  • street 1
  • city
  • telephone
  • country

And in some countries:


  • zipcode
  • region id

It also includes an email for newly created customers.


This is pretty much hardcodet into the system, to make sure all modules work as intented. 


What you need to do if you really want to remove one of these fields are the following:


1. Remove required from eav_attributes


go to the eav_attribute table and find the field in question, make sure you find it on the address entity type. Set the is_required field to 0 for that. Now the star next to the field in the admin should be gone, but there are still a backend validation component left.


2. Rewrite customer address model


In the customer address model there is a method called, _basicCheck you need to create a rewrite model for this. And removing the fields in question from the validation method. You may also need to check the customer models for the same fields. Note: remember not to change this dirrectly in the core, but create a proper rewrite, otherwise you will break upgradeablity in your store.



I hope this helps :-)



Re: How can I edit the order form in backend admin in CE

Thank you and much apprecieated Theis Corfixen. OK instead of removing field what would be the best ad easiest soloution to make fields not require with the astrix " * "  so for example "telephone * :" and I want it to look like this "telephone:" so in the second one telephone doesn't have to be filled out just to get to the submit button or next section?


So for this would I need to create a rewrite model for this and if so would you know any place where I could find a quick tutorial on this?


Thanks for any help given much apprecieated. 


Kind Regards