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How do embed Iframe? (shows blank)

How do embed Iframe? (shows blank)

How can I embed Iframe content?

It shows fine in editor, it shows fine in various "edit html online" sites that you can create html code.  However, when putting an iframe into a Magento CMS page, it shows BLANK when viewing the site.


Re: How do embed Iframe? (shows blank)

Go to any statick page or CMS statick block you need: 404 Not Found, About Us, etc..


Click the Content tab, and you will get to the WYSIWIG editor. Next, hit the Show / Hide Editor button to access the HTML code of the page you need to edit.


After that, go to any YouTube video you need, click the Share button and select the Embed code option. Then just copy the HTML code to the Content tab in Magento and save the CMS page.

That's it. Your iframe video will appear on the selected CMS page. 

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Re: How do embed Iframe? (shows blank)

When I do this it just shows a blank white box. Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong?  thanks SF

Re: How do embed Iframe? (shows blank)

Does your site with the cms page use https for all pages? If so that is the problem if the src=url is not https. 


Change your unsecure url to http. the page will show properly