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How to import only certain products from csv file

How to import only certain products from csv file


I have looked everywhere today trying to figure out how to import only certain product from a csv file with no luck. I don't guess many are be doing this because most everything I found is people wanting to mass import etc. I have a file with thousands of products but I only need to import a few hundred of them, and I need to do this with different csv files from different suppliers.  I thought I might be able to somehow remove the products I don't want from the csv file using Open Office. I couldn't find any information about how to do that either. Then I discovered I might could do it someway programmatically. Anyway, does anyone know how I could get this done? Thank you  


If nothing else I could always do them one at a time Smiley Happy


Re: How to import only certain products from csv file



You can open the file in OpenOffice, select the rows, right click and press "Delete selected rows". Then re-save the file, do not forget UTF-8 encoding.


Alternatively you can try solution that allows to indicate from which to which row of file to import data -



The app if paid, but you can use it on 14-day  trial mode downloading from the link in my signature with full access to features.

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