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How to translate checkout??


How to translate checkout??


I have a multistore. Now i want to translate in the checkout the prefix.

There are 2 fields in the prefix: mr and ms. Where can i change this?


Re: How to translate checkout??

you should look at following lo for the translation files

1) app\locale\en_US (en_US this should be the applicable language.)
2) locale folder under your theme folder
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Re: How to translate checkout??

Thanks, i look in that directory, but there are a lot of files. I tried to find it, in for example checkout.csv, but no prefx found.

In wich file can i found the prefix?  (mr and ms choose)

Re: How to translate checkout??

It might not be in the translation files, but you can find the relevant text snippet in the phtml template files. The text is usually translated through either the block or the helper with a snippet like:


echo $this->__('Text to translate');

In the language files that you found for the locale you're translating to, just add a snippet like so:


"Text to translate","Translated text with new meaning!"

Any time magento finds "Text to translate", it'll replace it with "Translated text with new meaning!"

Re: How to translate checkout??

last solution would be great for the problem. but in wich file should this placed?


(if i want for example to replace the fixed for "mevrouw"  in the english version to "Ms."

Re: How to translate checkout??

That depends. If you have a custom module on your site for specific business requirements, you could add it to the etc/config.xml file to read the translations from a new file. Here is a snippet to demonstrate that scenario:



This would then let you have a file called Custom_Website_Frontend.csv in any of the locale folders. If you're using the english locale for the US, that file would reside in the following path:



If you're not doing this scenario, then you can just append that code snippet from my last reply into the Mage_Checkout.csv file in the same locale path as above.


Re: How to translate checkout??

Thanks, it takes some time, i think because the cache, but now it works. Thanks for help!