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How use the default Magento's 'saveAction'

How use the default Magento's 'saveAction'

Good morning,


I want to change the '$product->save();' for the saveAction Magento use's when you push the button in the admin.

Because I don't know why, but with the first doesn't save it equal.

I need to don't go or be redirect to other site because i want to put it in a cron.


I'm importing/updating products from a csv. The problem is two of them isn't shown in the search (frontend) because one attribute fails (but works in the others)

If you go to the admin - enter in the product - push 'save' or 'save & continue', it works as i expected.

My conclusion is '$product->save()', and 'saveAction' do different things


Regards, i appreciaty any help or clue