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Huge amount of attributes

Huge amount of attributes



we are creating a new shop with bigger amount of attributes. There are a few categories with separate attribute sets and that means a heavy load on the shop.


Does anyone have some experience on this topic? What did you do and which extensions did you use?


I read online that optimal amount of attributes for a shop is 200, our shop will have at least 1000. That means a lot of indexing problems and speed of the site.


If anyone has any insights on this topic, i would really appriciate an advice or two.


Thank you very much!


Re: Huge amount of attributes

@nmavFor a product having 200+ attribute is not realistic. I believe you understand and know the difference between attribute and attribute set. If in your shop you have different types of product then first you need to define common attribute which you can put in default attribute set. After that come up with different attribute set as per the product type.


Once you have this configuration right you'll avoid unnecessary load on a product as not all product will have unnecessary attributes. This should work in your case. If some point of the time you have performance issue then you need to look into scaling of Magento and server which should resolve all of your issues.


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Re: Huge amount of attributes

Hey there,

Which attribute sets are you currently using? Which objectives are they used for? It is often possible to change multiple attributes to custom options.

In fact, we've got an extension that allows expanding these possibilities, and assign custom options templates to products:

If the next choice of a configurable product is determined by the attributes, custom options usage will greatly facilitate such an objective and decrease common load. 

If you need a more detailed reply, please give us more details and describe the issues you are facing right now.



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