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IP configuration/connectivity Question


IP configuration/connectivity Question

Hello to the Magento Forum! I'm running a LAMP stack with Magento CE installed in a development environment, and I'm trying to link my Magento server to another computer over a LAN so I can test out the website on a client computer. Both computers have static IP addresses (Both 192.168.3.xx), they can ping each other, and I can access some of the files on the Magento server from the client by using the server's IP address to substitute for a website name. However, I can't access 192.168.3.xx/magento or any sub-files; it appears that the 192.168.3.xx/magento request redirects to, which confuses the client computer. When I try to access these files from the server's browser, they come up fine.

I considered that it could be an Apache issue; however, the problem pretty much only comes up when I try to access files in the Magento subdirectory from the client computer (Apache's index.html file, and several .php files in the same directory come up fine).

So my question is: Is there a Magento file that redirects Magento requests to, or is this an Apache (or some other program's) issue? And how do I fix this so I can access Magento through a client computer over a LAN?



Re: IP configuration/connectivity Question

Hello @pitcherplant96


Not exactly sure, but you can try one thing if helps,

Go to phpmyadmin find the core_config_data table, and in secure and unsecure url enter,



Try accessing using this url in the local and LAN computer.

Try and let me know.


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Re: IP configuration/connectivity Question

Hello, @theMageComp!

Thanks for your input. I changed the values of web/secure/base_url and web/unsecure/base_url to what you said (they were before, I believe), but there hasn't been any change.

I can also access phpMyAdmin through both the server and the LAN computer. I hadn't tried that before, so I don't know whether that was always the case or not. (I had installed PMA, but I hadn't travelled the Magento road far enough to need it yet. It also wasn't working properly due to a permissions issue, which is now fixed.)

EDIT: Well, it's working now... I guess it needed some time after changing the table for it to gointo effect. Thanks theMageComp!